Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge…Hit or Miss?

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge…Hit or Miss?

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is open but not necessarily to rave reviews. I visited the week after opening and a second time to make sure I felt the same way.

Any time that a new land is open, it should be cause for celebration. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Islands of Adventure saw saw a lengthy wait to even get into the land. When Pandora opened at Animal Kingdom, people waited hours to get visit the 12-acre area.

the millennium flacon at Disney's Hollywood Studios
She may not look like much, but she’s got it where it counts, kid. She’s the most expensive photo opp in the galaxy.

When Galaxy’s Edge opened at Disneyland, the reviews were disastrous. I spoke with colleagues at Mice Chat who were flummoxed at how disappointing the experience was.

So, how does the 14-acre Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios fare?

Is it a hit or a miss?

Check out my video review and walk-though of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Walt Disney World

What did you think about this brand new land at Disney World? Was it missing anything? What was your favorite part?

Check out my visit to Toy Story Land and Star Wars Launch Bay from last year. I really had high expectations for Galaxy’s Edge.

a trash can at star wars galaxy's edge at Disney's Hollywood Studios
Check out the trash cans: they look gross and dirty. Going for realism is fine, but trash cans shouldn’t look gross.

What do you think about Galaxy’s Edge? Is it s hit or a miss?

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2 thoughts on “Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge…Hit or Miss?

  1. After watching your video and others, I would have to agree and we have not visited yet. I understand putting the visitor “on” the planet with the noises, views and crowd direction. However, one outstanding part of Hollywood Studios IS (personal opinion) the surrounding music, interactions at Launch Bay and the atmosphere. Perhaps things will change a bit when Rise of the Resistance opens? Maybe. We’ll see you in Feb to find out.

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