Seven Dwarfs Mine Train History and POV

seven dwarfs mine train history and POV

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train History and POV

Have you experienced the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train? Check out my latest video about the steel coaster at the Magic Kingdom to learn statistics, facts and trivia about the Magic Kingom’s newest thrill ride.

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Seven Dwarfs Mine Train History and POV

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The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train fills a much-needed gap in the Magic Kingdom lineup of attractions. It’s a perfect coaster for families and anyone who wants to experience a fun coaster with great dark ride elements.

People compare it to Goofy’s Barnstormer and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, which I understand. Big Thunder is more of a traditional Arrow mine train and Seven Dwarfs is a steel coaster with swinging cars. The swinging cars do offer a unique ride and make a family-style coaster much more thrilling.

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