Flat Peyton Visits the Magic Kingdom

flat peyton-flat-stanley-visits-the-magic-kingdom

Flat Peyton Visits the Magic Kingdom

Have you heard of the Flat Stanley book series?

In the books, Stanley Lambchop is accidentally squished by a bulletin board at school. He survives but remains flat. He uses his new flatness to visit places all over the world through envelopes. In 1995, the Flat Stanley project was started. Elementary students mailed Flat Stanleys that they had made to friends and family who then documents the trip.

My friend, Sarah, at The Hot Mess Kitchen, asked if I would host a Flat Stanley for her daughter, Peyton. Sarah and her family are Disney fans, so I decided to take Flat Peyton to the Magic Kingdom for a visit.

Check out my adventures with Flat Peyton at the Magic Kingdom!

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Flat Peyton visits the purple wall in TomorrowLand at the Magic Kingdom!
Flat Peyton visits the Purple Wall in TomorrowLand at the Magic Kingdom!

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