Toy Story Land and Star Wars Launch Bay!

Disney's Hollywood Studios Toy Story Land Star Wars Launch Bay

Toy Story Land and Star Wars Launch Bay!

My last visit to Disney’s Hollywood Studios was a long time ago…and it feels like it was a galaxy away!

A lot has changed since my last visit and there are many new things, including: Star Wars Launch Bay; Toy Story Land; Grand Park and a new parking lot entrance!

Honestly, I couldn’t believe how bad the parking lot situation was!

Slinky Dog Dash is the newest coaster on Disney property and will be my 140th coaster credit. Check out the video to see my thoughts on the Mack coaster. I also visit Star Wars Launch Bay for the very first time. My first Star Wars/Disney experience was in 1994 and Launch Bay brought back so many fond memories. Star Wars Galaxies Edge is going to be amazing!

toy story land star wars launch bay

Toy Story Land is a wonderful themed area; check out the video for my full thoughts on the addition (you might be surprised). There’s even a hidden detail (sort of) to Roy O. Disney that you can now see because of the Toy Story Land expansion.

toy story land star wars launch bay
How many people per day walk by this without ever noticing it?

Have you visited Toy Story Land or Star Wars Launch Bay?

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