Polynesian Village Resort Construction Photos!

Polynesian Village Resort Construction Photos Disney's Polynesian Village Resort Construction Photos

Polynesian Village Resort Construction Photos!

I’ve got some fantastic Polynesian Village Resort construction photos to share with you in my latest YouTube video. As a bonus, I also threw in some photos of the Golf Resort under construction, as well. (The Golf Resort was also known as the Disney Inn and is currently operated as Shades of Green.)

Just like the Contemporary Resort, the Polynesian’s frame was built on-site while the rooms were built a few miles away at the US Steel fabrication building.

Here’s an image from an earlier post about the construction of the Contemporary Resort that shows the distance between the US Steel building and the hotels (the Contemporary site is circled in red while the Polynesian is located above the parking lot).

US Steel built over 1500 rooms for the Polynesian and Contemporary. That’s quite an amazing feat!

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