Dollywood’s DreamMore Recreation, A Look!

DreamMore Recreation

DreamMore Recreation

We’ve already looked at Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort in a previous post (click here for the article), but, like any resort attached to a theme park, you also have to look at the recreation that’s available. Dollywood’s DreamMore recreation encompasses more than just a swimming pool. There is so much more to do than just hanging out by the pool. The designers and staff at DreamMore have taken full advantage of the surroundings and the way that people like to vacation in Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg.

DreamMore Recreation

This is a shot from the lobby area that overlooks the pool. You can step outside the lobby for a second floor view and enjoy several rocking chairs!


The grounds have been well landscaped and will only look more beautiful over time. It looks like there are enough hard- and soft-scapes to maintain the beauty and natural look through all four seasons.

DreamMore Recreation: The Garden House Indoor Pool


The signage throughout the resort is very tastefully done.


The Garden House is an indoor pool with a lifeguard on duty and great views of the surrounding mountains. There’s even a special lift chair to assist people with special needs.

Dollywood’s DreamMore Recreation: Kid’s Play Areas

There’s a rustic play area for the kids that’s next to the splash pad area for the pool.


There’s not a lot of shade, so make sure you use plenty of sunscreen!


The kids’ play area near the main pool was very cute and looked appropriate for very young children.


Dollywood’s DreamMore Recreation: Family and Adult Nighttime Areas

There are a few very well-designed fire pits around the outer edges of the pool. One of them is located inside of a barn/outbuilding with a truck parked out front.


There were several chairs around the fire area and it is covered. It would be a nice and relaxing spot for a family or friends to hangout on a chilly evening.


There were two open-air fire pits with chairs and benches. Again, this looks like a great way to pend time with friends.



On the outer edge of the pool is a story time area. Along wit the Game Room and Camp DW, there will be plenty of opportunities for activities for children at the resort.


Dollywood’s DreamMore Recreation: Butterfly Gardens


Butterflies abound at Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort! There’s a special area near the restaurant that is in the shape of a butterfly and has butterfly bushes planted there. Interesting to note, that during my stay, I did notice many butterflies flitting around the resort.


More Images from the DreamMore Resort


You run into the fountain area outside of the lower lobby. It’s a nice place to rest for a few minutes and take in the area.  I’ve also included a few shots of the pool area from my room on the fifth floor..




The pool has a miniature lazy river. If you look in the image above, you can see the curved area near the rocks at the top of the pool. It’s sort of like a fast lane for the pool!


What do you think of Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort?

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