Fantasia History on Communicore Weekly

Communicore Weekly Fantasia history

Communicore Weekly Fantasia history

We’ve released Part Two of our Fantasia history on the latest Communicore Weekly (the Greatest Online Show™). Listen and learn all about the final months of production as well as how the movie was received when it was released. (You can check out part one of the Fantasia history, here.)

Fantasia History (Part Two) on Communicore Weekly
I review More Seen, Un-Seen Disneyland: An Un-Official, Un-Authorized Look At What You see At Disneyland, But Never Really See by Russell Flores in the George’s Book of the Week segment. Is this a book you’re going to add to your Disneyland book collection?

Captain Leo returns with a spoiler-free review of Disney-Pixar’s Inside Out. We also have a Five Legged Goat featuring the Empress Lilly.

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