Kingdom Queen Ferryboat Dedication Ceremony

Kingdom Queen Ferryboat Dedication Ceremony.

Honestly, there’s not much more that I can say about the following image and quote from the 1976 Eyes and Ears. Enjoy!


From the June 16, 1976 Eyes and Ears cast member newsletter about the Kingdom Queen ferryboat:

On Wednesday, June 30, Walt Disney World’s third ferryboat, the KINGDOM QUEEN was dedicated in a ceremony at the Dry Dock area. Breaking the traditional bottle of champagne was Brenda Wilson, secretary for Facilities Training Office. Taking nine months to construct by our Facilities /Shops personnel, the KINGDOM QUEEN is a very versatile addition to our fleet. Not only will she be a third ferry on our TTC to Main Entrance run across Seven Seas Lagoon, she may also be utilized for special convention functions, lunch and dinner cruises, and other recreational opportunities for our resort guests. The KINGDOM QUEEN, built completely from the keel up by our craftspeople on site, under the supervision of Arnold Lindberg, Project Manager, and Ed Ralph, Project Superintendent, is 120 feet long with a beam of 32 feet, approximately the same size as our other two ferryboats.

There’s no seating on the upper deck of the Kingdom Queen ferryboat. There are two wet bars since it was used for a lot of chartered and private cruises. The Kingdom Queen ferryboat also has a dance floor, which is a flat area in the middle of the upper deck. The Kingdom Queen ferryboat was reamed the General Joe Potter in 1999.

Check out this episode of Communicore Weekly, in which we talk about the World Cruise from the 1970s. The World Cruise was one of the recreational activities that you could enjoy on the early days of the Vacation Kingdom of the World. It’s fascinating to think about this 90-minute attraction that included food, a narrated tour and, occasionally, live music.

Did you ever get to ride the Kingdom Queen ferryboat?

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