Spoiler Free Review of Tomorrowland the movie

I just got back from seeing Tomorrowland at the theater with my eleven year-old. I tried to stay away from reviews before seeing the film but couldn’t miss some thoughts, especially that the movie was kind of slow.

Is the movie worth seeing for Disney fans? What about Tomorrowland and young children?



My son, who is a huge Marvel fan, really loved the movie. It excited him and he never seemed bored or disinterested, especially during some of the more expository scenes. He was impressed with the technology that was used in the film and was able to make the connections back to Walt Disney, the Carousel of Progress and some of the things that we’ve talked about in relation to Disney. Overall, he had a blast and is interested in seeing it again. He even agreed to read the book, Before Tomorrowland. Speaking of the Carousel of Progress, that was a minor disappointment, especially after the much ballyhooed filming at the Magic Kingdom.

Tomorrowland and Disney Fans

There’s been a lot of build-up for Disney fans and I’m on the fence about how different levels of fans, so to speak, will feel. It does tie into a lot of what Walt was trying to do with EPCOT Center, but it seems to skip over some of the more important Plus Ultra details. I really think a lot of the film made more sense to people who have read the book first. The book really set up a lot of the history and details that are taken for granted in the film.


Still, there are a lot of hidden references to Disney (and some not so hidden references to Star Wars) that will keep most fans on the lookout. The scenes for the 1964/65 New York World’s Fair were pretty spectacular and I wish they’d had larger part to play. I couldn’t help but audibly gasp during many of the World’s Fair scenes.

Still, fans with a deep interest in Walt Disney and EPCOT Center are going to take more away from this film than casual Disney fans or those that are just occasional theme park visitors.

Tomorrowland and Kids

In hindsight, I felt that the Tomorrowland movie was a good choice for families, if the kids can handle a longer movie with longer scenes of dialogue. My eleven year-old raved about the film and the message truly inspired him. There are a few scenes with some intense action and very lifelike robots do get destroyed; it was nothing like the scenes in the Marvel movies. As I’ve mentioned, there is a lot of exposition and that could be a drawback for kids with little interest in the theme of the movie or a deep love of Epcot and the future, so to speak.


I think that the tween audience is really going to connect with this film, once the word spreads about it. Especially with kids that are interested in science and changing the world.

The Message of Tommorrowland

There is a very strong message in the film about hope and being optimistic about the future. I never felt like the filmmakers were being heavy-handed concerning the message although it was running throughout the film. It was a nice feeling to leave a film and feel good about tomorrow and the hopes that it will bring. You get the nice, warm feels that there is going to be a great, big, beautiful tomorrow.

Optimistic, much?

Yeah, I happily admit that I enjoyed the film and that I harbor a wish to visit Tomorrowland. Because sometimes fun is enough to inspire someone. Even if your rocket pack doesn’t exactly fly.

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