Adventureland Jungle Cruise Vintage Disney Postcard

Adventureland Jungle Cruise Vintage Disney Postcard

adventure land jungle cruise magic kingdom postcard

Amid lost Asian ruins, a python-like Banyan tree grips an ancient stone god in a living vise … one of the spectacular sights in store for guests aboard explorer’s launches on the “danger-filled” Jungle River Cruise.

And now for backside of the postcard!

adventureland disney postcard

Dear Judy and Peggy we are having a ball! Needless to say the children are in their glory. Thank you for the enjoyable visit at your place. See you 9/15 – Love B. Prado.

The postcard is postmarked fromĀ August 26, 1973. I’m always thrilled when there’s a personal message on the back of the postcard.

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