The Gulf Coast Room at the Contemporary Resort Hotel

The Gulf Coast Room at the Contemporary Resort

I’ve been obsessed with the Gulf Coast Room and the Pueblo Room at the Contemporary Resort Hotel for a long time. Specifically since very little information about them exists in most literature. The Gulf Coast Room was a temporary dining location that ended up lasting for more than 20 years. In the 1970s, the Magic Kingdom would close around 6:00 p.m., leaving thousands of resort guests looking for evening entertainment. They often found a lack of upscale dining and the Grand Republic Ballroom of the Contemporary was set-up to handle the fluctuating needs for dining. It was split into three different rooms with the Gulf Coast Room serving as the restaurant.

gulf coast room
The Gulf Coast Room serves elegant French entrees such as Steak Dianne.

The Gulf Coast Room. For an evening of grand and elegant dining, come to The Gulf Coast Room. Choose from Steak Dianne, frog legs and scallops, Beef Wellington, rack of lamb or the special Chef’s selection. Most dishes are prepared French style right at your table with unsurpassed flair and deftness. Enjoy each mouthfull. A strolling violinist will play your request; the soft candlelight makes it perfect.

The Gulf Coast Room, 2nd floor Contemporary Resort Hotel. Open for dinner 6:30-10:00 p.m., prices range from $7.50-$10.50. Gentlemen are asked to wear coats and reservations are suggested. -WDWNews December 1977

On a side note, the prices listed would be $31.30 to  $43.81 in 2014 dollars.

The areas highlighted in red show the locations of the the Gulf Coast Rom, the Pacific Room and the Atlantic Room in relation to the current layout of the 2nd Floor Tower of the Contemporary Resort.


Did you ever get the chance to experience The Gulf Coast Room at the Contemporary? Or any of the other amazing dining options from the 1970s?


7 thoughts on “The Gulf Coast Room at the Contemporary Resort Hotel

  1. We always loved the Gulf Coast room in the 80s, and were disappointed when they closed it in order to promote Victoria and Albert’s. The decor always looked like it could be removed at a moments notice, because it could, if a convention needed the space. The food was pretty good, but my favorite part of the experience was the roaming guitarist who would serenade you table-side. His guitar had its own official Disney name tag that read “Guitar.”

  2. I remember dining there with my parents when I was a teenager! I remember it being relatively dark. I do remember having a delicious steak there and a mushroom salad that I enjoyed. For years, my parents and I told each other the silly jokes that the strolling guitarist, mentioned by Steve above, used to tell! We really enjoyed him! Thanks for the memories!

  3. My husband and I dined here sometime in the early80’s. We thoroughly enjoyed it. The strolling guitarist added an elegant touch to the dining experience. I had often wondered why it went away.

  4. My new wife and I spent our honeymoon in the Lake Buena Vista Villa’s in 1976. We had dinner at the Gulf Coast Room. They had match books at your table with your name embossed on the cover. We had Steak Diane prepared at our table…….cherries jubilee at tableside for dessert. We were 22 and 23……felt like royalty !! Now 44 years later we are sharing memories with children and grandchildren .

    1. My wife and I spent our honeymoon at Disney in 1983 and had a wonderful dinner at the Gulf Coast Room. I still rank it, 38 years later, as one of the finest dining experiences I have ever had. I will never forget ordering a hot fudge Sunday for dessert and the waiter making the hot fudge at tableside from scratch.

      1. My late wife and I spent our honeymoon at the Contemporary in 1983 as well (before honeymooning at WDW was popular). We also celebrated at the Gulf Coast Room and had a wonderful evening there! She had seafood, I had a filet, and it was delicious! The hot fudge sundae for dessert was amazing! We had a BLD meal plan for the five days we were there and I think we both gained five pounds. I wouldn’t have traded it for anything!

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