Disneyland: Dreams, Traditions and Transitions by Leonard Shannon, Various Editions

Disneyland: Dreams, Traditions and Transitions is another book in which I have different variations. There is no copyright date and the books were published by Disney’s Kingdom Editions. The author is listed as Leonard Shannon and the designer is Shelley Higuera. 

It’s a gorgeous book with lots of full-color photos of the park from the mid-1990s. It does delve into the history of the park but it’s more of a look at the park as a souvenir guide.


This version is is like the more traditional souvenir guides. It has a hard-bound cover and the image is printed as part of the cover. The ISBN is 00127-10025


The second variant has a dust jacket over a more traditional library binding. The ISBN is 00127-10006.

Both books appear to be similar. I didn’t notice any discrepancies while flipping through them. I’ve seen copyrights attributed to them for 1993 and 1995, which seems like the right time period.

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