The Pirates are Coming this December!

Ran across this great news item in the October/November 1973 Walt Disney World News about Pirates of the Caribbean and Space Mountain.



If, while strolling through Adventureland these days, you hear strange pounding noises that don’t seem to be coming from native drums, don’t be alarmed . . . they’re the construction sounds on Walt Disney World ‘s soon- to- come attraction, Pirates of the Caribbean. Long one of Disneyland’s most popular attraction “Pirates” will have its Grand opening the week before Christmas this year.

Plan now to set sail with the most captivating group of marauders who ever sacked the Spanish Main. It’s a pre-Christmas adventure you won’t want to miss.

In Tomorrowland, the towering beamed structure you see is the start of another Magic Kingdom adventure…a thrilling adventure into the world of the future…via Space Mountain. Set to open Spring, 1974, the RCA-presented attraction will feature rockets hurtling you though meteor showers into the blackness of space at amazing speeds.

But this is just a sampling of the future full of fun in the Magic Kingdom. Plan to share the excitement of these and other “good things to come” during your next Florida vacation or visit. We’ll be looking forward to seeing you!

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