Haunted Mansion Ghost Ship Tribute Reproduction Sale


Norm at Haunted Portraits sent me a link about his tribute to the Phantom Ship portrait from the Haunted Mansion.  It’s a portrait that he created years ago but stopped selling it because it was just so hard to reproduce.

So let me start by giving you a little history on the Ghost Ship and why I took it off the market…

So as I’m sure you know I’m a huge Haunted Mansion fan and many of my works have been inspired by pictures or scenes in the Haunted Mansion. One of the items I love is the changing Ghost Ship that goes from normal to haunted. My version unlike theirs is actually much more detailed than the cartoonish version that the Disney Imagineers did.

The Ghost Ship has always been one of my best sellers but there’s a dark side that most people don’t know about it…. it’s a pain in the behind to make. You see it’s the only portrait I do (or any other changing portrait artist does) that’s landscape format instead of portrait (in other words it’s wider than tall). The problem with that from a production stand point is it’s REALLY hard to get the entire image to change from edge-to-edge all at once. As a matter of fact I approached another changing portrait artist about doing all of my product manufacturing for me and he said yes but he wouldn’t touch the Ghost Ship because it would just be too difficult.

Anyway a couple of years ago I took the Ghost Ship out of production and it wasn’t long after it went off the market I started getting emails from my customers asking where they could get one. So I decided to make the Ghost Ship available for only one week each year. We completely sold out and as I said it was removed from purchase after that week.



Basically, Norm is going to take orders for one week only, starting on Saturday night, October 4th, at 11PM CST until October 11.

The 16×20 portrait is $85 and $12 for US tracked Priority Mail shipping. 

The purchase button will be live at Haunted Portraits for only one week.

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