Steel Construction for Fury 325 Begins at Carowinds!

2015 construction first track 010


Carowinds, Charlotte, NC- Sept. 30, 2014 – Steel construction for Fury 325 begins as construction workers carefully place the very first piece of coaster track onto support beams. Scheduled to open in Spring 2015, Fury 325 will be the tallest, fastest giga coaster in the world. The first hill will stand 325 feet tall, as riders zoom along 6,602 feet of track the ride will simulate the flight of an angry hornet and reach a top speed of 95 miles an hour. Fury 325 is part of a multi-year expansion plan for the amusement park on the North/South Carolina border, additional 2015 improvements will include a new front entrance and improved dining and entertainment offerings. Carowinds closes for the 2014 season on Nov. 2. for more information on Fury 325, including ride simulation videos visit

Check out the announcement of the new giga coaster.

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