Review: Decal Girl iPhone 5S and 5C Cases

I’ve been receiving product press releases from Decal Girl for a long time, but never really looked into them . I assumed they were just selling skins for smart phones and tablets. I finally took a look at their site and was surprised to see different types of smart phone cases, as well!

I emailed the contact about getting review cases and all we had to do was pick out the type of case and the design.

My eleven year-old son has an iPhone 5C and I have the iPhone 5S. With an expensive smart phone, you want to have some protection and I almost always buy an Otterbox. I always go with a case that has a rubber shell and a hard plastic case combined. I’ve had too many friends that just bought the hard case and they end up with a cracked screen.



I knew we needed to have the maximum protection available and the Bumper Case sounded perfect.

A perfect blend of exceptional protection and style – their dual layer design provides double the protection.

  • Superior impact and abrasion protection
  • Rich, glossy clear-coat finish
  • Innovative two piece construction
  • TPU base layer with a high-impact shell
  • Infused with Chroma Plus™ ultra vibrant inks

They offer quite a few Disney-related and licensed designs, so picking out the cover was harder than it looked! The current lineup, includes: Villains, Frozen; Mickey & Friends; Disney Princesses; Wreck-It-Ralph, Tron: Legacy; Pirates of the Caribbean; Planes; Cars; Muppets; Bambi; Winnie the Pooh; Monsters University; Lion King; and Phineas and Ferb!

I went with a simple Mickey while my son chose the light cycle from Tron: Legacy.


Once we’d ordered the cases arrived in less than five days. The packaging was pretty simple and included easy-to-follow directions. I had both of our phones in their new cases within a few minutes.
You can see the two pieces that make up the bumper case: a rubbery inside case and a hard-shell plastic case (the inside of this case was white). It only took a few moments to have the case installed on the iPhone, compared to the several moments for the Otterbox.
The cases fit together perfectly and I dry-fit them first with no issues. The protection seemed rather solid once I put the cases on both of our iPhones. The biggest question is whether the cases would hold up after a few weeks and if they would protect our iPhones.
I have to admit that I was pretty surprised by how much protection it felt like I had for the phone. I’m used to Otterboxes which come with a grippier outer case while the Decal Girl cases were hard plastic. It took a few days to get used to how the case felt in my hands, but it never felt awkward. The volume and power buttons were easy to access and never felt hindered by the case. The cutout for the camera and flash never interfered with any shots or the flash.

Even after a few weeks, the cases held up extremely well and there’s been no discernible damage to either my iPhone 5S or my son’s iPhone 5C. Both phones were protected after several drops on different surfaces.

I’m very happy with the case wouldn’t hesitate to purchase another design or get a custom design made.

I posted the photos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and was surprised at how many of my friends thought the Tron: Legacy case was pretty spectacular. My son’s friends liked the case design and the case protected his iPhone when multiple kids were wanting to play games and handing it off to each other.

Be sure to visit Decal Girl and get yourself a new case, today!


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