Vintage Walt Disney World Photos

So, what makes something vintage? Is it 20 years? 40? Something from a certain time period?

I have some interesting photos I captured from a 1997 trip. That is only 15 years, but so much has changed since then. If something has changed or disappeared, does that make it qualify for vintage status? Or is it simply vintage if I can look back at the images a little wistfully and with nostalgia?

Who doesn’t love the Lucite statue that welcomed you to EPCOT Center. The shocking blue was not the approved John Hench purple. I am assuming it was part of the 1994 Eisner mandated redo of Epcot.

I’m not sure what inspired me to take this picture and not one of what the floor looked like. I do remember there was an art show displaying small painted works. From what I understand, the second floor of Journey into Imagination has a lot of the older equipment up there.

A fantastic scene from Journey into Imagination. There are some great details.

This is the first example of using an image capture system in a Disney attraction. I didn’t take this photo; my brother-in-law snapped it quickly. I imagine that Dreamfinder would have been quite cross!

A dinosaur topiary outside of the Universe of Energy. Notice the brontosaurus in the right-hand corner?

We hop over to the Magic Kingdom to visit Mickey’s house at Mickey’s Toontown Fair. I wish I had taken a better shot of the photos behind the lamp. But I also wish I had taken 1400 more photos.

Our last photo is if the arch that served as a gateway between New York Street and Residential Street. You can learn more about this area by visiting Werner Weiss’ Yesterland site.

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