Video Theme Parkeology: Third Session

The third segment of the Walt Disney World Tencennial special sponsored by Kraft doesn’t have as many good images to capture. The segment suffers through a John Schneider song and a strange fantasy/flashback dance number.

Thanks to Michael Crawford at Progress City, USA for providing these video clips.

The first still is from a crane shot taken from the bridge to Tomorrowland. The structure to the right would be the second load/unload for the Swan Boats. It is now a seating area near the end of the Rose Garden. Widen Your World has a great article on the Plaza Swan Boats. Make sure to check out the hanging flower baskets on the light poles and the small trees.

This image shows an overview of the Top of the World Restaurant at the Contemporary Resort. Our family is seated around the table with dancing couples and an orchestra in the background. The segment is too dark to capture many good images. Alison’s Walt Dated World site has some great Contemporary Resort information.

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4 thoughts on “Video Theme Parkeology: Third Session

  1. The video if from Michael Crawford’s Youtube channel.

    I was trying to give him some link love by not posting it at Imaginerding. The link above the first screen capture will take you to the page.

    I will go back and add the videos!

  2. Hi it’s Alison from the Walt Dated World website. Thank you for including a link to my Walt Dated World Contemporary page. My site now has a new address of If you could update the link on your post to I would appreciate it. I also messaged your page a few days on Facebook with some other links that needed to be corrected and if you could fix those as well that would be great. Thank you!

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