Disney’s A Christmas Carol Blu-ray Review

It is rare that a film will be released that I wish that I had seen it in 3D. Disney’s A Christmas Carol has such a depth in the artwork, that even in Blu-ray, the city seems to come alive. I can only imagine how spectacular the film was in 3D.

The film, when released, received criticism due to the MoCap, or Motion-Capture, technology that was used to create the film. Within the first few minutes, I was blown-away by how lifelike the animation actually was. The characters were completely believable and had a sense of authority and realism that you don’t see in traditional and animated films. It is still traditional actors in all of the roles and their movements and facial expressions are tracked and are the basis for the characters.

With the numerous and different iterations of the Dickens’ classic available, you might wonder why you should pick up another version. A point in fact, when watching this film with my youngest son, he kept comparing the film, scene-by-scene, to the 1983 release of Mickey’s Christmas Carol. While watching, I was astounded at how close the movie actually followed the book. This is probably the first time that a true representation of the book has made it to the big screen. The MoCap technology and computer animation bring so many aspects of the book to life that other versions pale in comparison.

My major complaint about the film is the scary nature of the third spirit. It was a very loud, rambunctious and frightening segment of the film. And, honestly, it didn’t really fit with the rest of the movie. Also, the ending seemed rather rushed and I felt like it needed more merriment to help lift it from the darkness of the final spirit.

This film is a great addition to your holiday library, but Mickey’s Christmas Carol will always rank much higher in our household.

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3 thoughts on “Disney’s A Christmas Carol Blu-ray Review

  1. I really wanted to love the film, but the Ghost of the Future segment ruined the movie for me… I did see it in the theater, but won’t be getting the DVD.

    Loved Jim Carey as Scrooge, but I agree… I’d much rather watch Mickey and Scrooge McDuck!

  2. Kathy, I agree on the scariness of the Third Spriti. It seemed like they realized there wasn’t enough action and added it!

    Debbie, This is one of those rare movies that would have been spectacular in 3D!

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