Victory Through Hair Power!

Walt had been given galleys to Victory Through Air Power; a soon to be book, by Major Alexander de Seversky, and became convinced of its strategy, “only air power can carry an offensive war to the enemy, and only the offensive can win the war.”

On weekend that was seeing, worst August rainfall in fifty-three years, Herbert was paired with Ken Anderson, to prepare storyboards. Given subject, one would have thought, the added outside thunder, would have aided, imagination.

But, no flash was to be had, from any clash.

They dulled at a movie, that seemed mostly of maps, with animated arrows. To keep themselves amused, they clipped pictures from girlie magazines, and tacked them all along the wall; such new, improved project, now proclaimed, in bold banner:

Victory Through Hair Power.

Walt did not find the humor. 

Warp and Weft by John Stanley Donaldson

A small excerpt from Donaldson’s memoir/lyrical biography of Herbert Ryman. It is not the first time that I laughed out loud while reading this distinct work. It is quite the eye-opener! The book can be purchased directly from John’s website.

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