Walt’s Birthday Celebration 2009

I usually save posts like this for the Geek-End Update, but Paul F. Anderson at The Disney History Institute has posted no less than 24 outstanding posts to celebrate Walt Disney’s birthday. Some are by Paul and a few are by guest bloggers. All of them are fantastic but I want to point out a few of my favorites:

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2 thoughts on “Walt’s Birthday Celebration 2009

  1. George,
    Couldn’t agree with you more. I’ve known Paul for over fifteen years and the stuff he has found, first with his magazine Persistence of Vision and now with DHI, usually is just amazing, interesting at the least. However, in reality, there are a large number of people like Paul, yourself included, for whom the internet has provided a forum to share. For confirmed Disney Geeks and Disney Historian wanna-bes, it’s almost like Christmas every day because multiple Disney bloggers will have *something* of note.

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