Attack of the Podcasters!

Join Lou, Glenn and I on the WDW Radio Show this week for a roundtable discussion about attending the upcoming Star Wars Weekends at the Disney Hollywood Studios.

The discussion veers, generally, from planning to Jawa jokes to lightsaber discussions. We also throw in a few hidden Star Wars quotes. See if you can identify them all!

Glenn, George, Lou and discuss the merits bringing your own bodyguards to Star Wars Weekends.

Or…You will not find a more wretched podcast of scum and villainy!

Oh, by the way…send Lou and e-mail and tell him that he should have George (and Glenn) back on the show more often!

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3 thoughts on “Attack of the Podcasters!

  1. I don’t know if you guys should go back on the show again – I laughed so much that people around me were giving me strange looks!

    It’s bad enough people quizzing you when you stop in Disney parks to take photos of random things, now they are looking at me strangely in my home town! Yikes!

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