Daily Figment 152: Is George Looking?

Daily Figment 152: Is George Looking?

Shhhh…. Come here, you gotta’ see this. Whatever you do though, don’t tell George I posted this about him. You see, I told George I was posting a Daily Figment tonight about the scalable kinetics of water but instead, I am going to post this recent newspaper article about him. Wait, I think I hear him coming…
Yes, you see, water is perfectly scalable to match the kinetic need…
OK, false alarm. That was just my dog. Anyways, back to the article. George would never let me put this up about him, but as a former AND current brother of George who has been his brother over 33 different times (that is if each year counts as one time), I was proud of his accomplishments. When you finish crying a single tear for brotherly love, read this:

Please, don’t tell him about this or I am liable to get a Death Noogie or an Atomic Wedgie.**

**The Death Noogie and Atomic Wedgie are torture moves patented by the Big Brothers Society for Cruelty to Younger Brothers Everywhere. George is a charter member of the BBSCYBE of NC.

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8 thoughts on “Daily Figment 152: Is George Looking?

  1. Way to go, George! And don’t be too harsh on Andrew, you have to admit that this is more interesting than the scalable kinetics of water…

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