Geek-End Update: Links, links and more links

I’ve compiled some of my favorite posts over the last week. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

At Disney and More, Alain shares some amazing (and tantalizing) images of the artwork for Disney’s California Adventure.

Vintage Disneyland Tickets shares a copy of the Autopia Driver’s License.

Richard at Photos From the Park has an interesting rant about Carnival Rides.

Cartoon Brew has a cool little post about a Pixar story artist discussing Miyazaki. You don’t know Miyazaki? Go check out Spirited Away right now!

Dave from Davelandblog has some absolutely amazing aerial shots of Disneyland, the Disneyland Hotel and Tomorrowland. And something about Steve Martin. He has expanded it into a third post of the series!

MousePlanet has a great article with pictures of the beautiful new Disneyland monorails. (Hat tip to Deep Water Studios)

Tom from My Disney Collection shares two Disneyland guidebooks he has just acquired. Tom is one of the few people around that has more Disney books than I do!

Take a Stroll Through Nature’s Wonderland (Disneyland) over at Outside the Berm There are some great then-and-now shots!

Mike Scopa shares some great photos of his visit to Epcot prior to the half-marathon over at the View From Scopa Towers. He has some great commentary and a few princesses show up. And some very famous children.

Drew from WED Enterprises shares some artwork by Disney Legend Marc Davis.

PaleoFuture has a great post that shares a concept image from Rocket to the Moon (1967). HE also mentions the book Behind the Magic: 50th Years of Disneyland.

DisneyDean at My Disney Blog has a special post by Dave (from Davelandblog) about the Flying Saucers.

Stuff From the Park has a great pre-opening brochure from Disneyland. There is a great map on the inside of it.

Ryan at the Main Street Gazette has a post about George McGinnis, Imagineer Extraordinaire!

Enjoy the links and make sure to leave them all some Disney Geek love!

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4 thoughts on “Geek-End Update: Links, links and more links

  1. Three cheers for Miyazaki! Spirited Away and My Neighbor Totoro are among my favorite full-length animated films. . . the latter is great for small children too, as it’s sweet and kind without crossing the line to saccharine.

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