Daily Figment 98 : Poll Results Are In!!!

Poll Results

It took us a while to count the votes as my speech was slightly slurred. Apparently I had a hanging chad stuck in my teeth…..

Thank you for the biggest voter turnout we have had in any poll yet. It seems as if the whole world is dreaming about visiting one of two parks: Disneyland Paris and Tokyo DisneySea took 99% of the overall votes. This week’s winner is……

Disneyland Paris
It would be irresponsible of us not to give mention to Tokyo DisneySea, which came in a close second. Here are the results:

Which overseas park would you most like to visit?
Tokyo DisneySea 44%

Tokyo Disneyland 1%
Disneyland Paris 55%

Walt Disney Studios 0%
Hong Kong Disneyland 0%

Ye asked and ye shall receive. Stay tuned for part one in our 2450 part series about the former EuroDisney. Part one is an introspective look into the embryonic stages of Walt’s life. Well, we have to start at the beginning!

Seriously though, we will probably write a few things about Disneyland Paris because so many voted for it. Also, don’t forget to check out this week’s poll. The Disney Geeks recently finished a book that served as inspiration.

Oh yeah, could you pass me the dental floss?


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5 thoughts on “Daily Figment 98 : Poll Results Are In!!!

  1. I voted Disneysea for the sake of the Mysterious Island port based on 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea… In fact, the Tokyo Disney Resort is on the table for a trip to Japan that I hope to take in 2009.

    But I certainly wouldn’t have any hard feelings about going to Paris either! Anywhere with a Nautilus!

  2. That makes four of us that I know that voted for TDS!

    I want to visit TDS because of the rides and attractions that the Oriental Land Company paid for.

    Disneyland Paris is supposed to be the most beautiful park in the world.

    Decisions, decision, decision…

  3. I think what I find most interesting about Disneyland Paris is that it was built so intentionally… Being built from the ground up by Baxter, Burke and their crews, they really worked to make it a unified, meaningful, coherent park in each of its lands.

    Ordinarily I’m a little critical of the idea of rides having to have a story (see: my replies on Passort to Dreams…), but I’m absolutely fascinated by creating whole LANDS with a story. What a monumental task!

    Well, I think maybe it’s only Frontierland that really has a story as such: the town of Thunder Mesa and the Ravenswoods. Fantasyland just had the remarkable opportunity to be that fully developed fantasy village from the get-go, benefiting by both advances in theme park architecture and being forced to go beyond the castles and alpine villages just down the road. And of course, man, Discoveryland? A Jules Verne-themed land? Sign me up! (just too bad that it’s being further diluted by Buzz Lightyear and possibly Mission 2)

    Anyways, yeah, just thought I’d chime in with that…

  4. I was one of the TDS voters – coming from Europe I have been to Disneyland Paris, and so the European parks were off my list. I’ve seen some of the pictures from TDS and it looks absolutely amazing – I have a friend that has been there and his descriptions sound beautiful…
    I must say, though, that Disneyland Paris is a gorgeous park – the castle there is a gorgeous castle in a beautiful setting… I certainly look forward to reading about DLP as I am off there next month!

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