We Always Hurt the Ones We Love…

In the middle of scanning an image for today’s post, I unintentionally pushed down a little too hard on the spine of the book.

I heard a snap. Not what a librarian / bibliophile wants to hear.

As you can see in the picture above, it was a clean break; at least it will be easier to scan images from the book. I wonder what the period of mourning is for a broken spine? We never covered that in Library School. Fortunately, I do have a second copy of the book.

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8 thoughts on “We Always Hurt the Ones We Love…

  1. true, sambycat…but don’t forget that you must weigh the book and divide it’s weight by the date is was published to get the mourning severity factor (msf). this book has an msf of 6.45 on a scale of 11. this is only moderately severe as it was not autographed.

  2. Disneyana World: yeah–Ihave the two great 1983 Magic Kingdom and Epcot videos and not a way to copy them. I am so afraid of losing them!

    Lainey: yeah…we held a nice, simple service. My wife now thinks that I am officially crazy.

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