Haunted Mansion Detail

Haunted Mansion Detail
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I love the Haunted Mansion.

Every time that I visit the Magic Kingdom, I ride the Haunted Mansion. It was actually my first Disney ride. Back in 1994, after a delicious meal at the Liberty Tree Tavern.

I remember the first time I had ever heard of the Haunted Mansion. A friend went to WDW and brought back viewmaster slides of the Vacation Kingdom. I vividly remember the slides of the ballroom. I knew at that moment that I needed to ride the Haunted Mansion. Fast forward twenty years. It completely lived up to it’s reputation.

Check out the details in the photo. Is it a person? What is the other object?

There are so many myths and legends about the Haunted Mansion.

What is your favorite tale?

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After doing some more searching, I came across HauntedPortraits.com. On the blueprints page, I ran across an architectural detail for the Liberty Square Haunted Mansion Cresting Detail on the Colonnade.

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