Video Theme Parkeology, Second Session

Previously, we looked at the first segment of a whimsical four-part video posted by Michael Crawford at Progress City, USA. The video was a celebration of Walt Disney World’s Tencennial and offered several B-, C- and D-list actors vacationing at The Vacation Kingdom. I pulled a few screen captures from this segment to do a […]

Theme Parkeology – Way Back Style!

Theme Parkeology (theem pahrkŏl’ə-jē) = the study of details, minutiae and history of theme parks. Akin to the archaeological study of human habitation, theme parkeology looks at the often layered and detailed surroundings. Theme Parkeologists relentlessly pour over the tiniest scraps to glean any information about an area of a theme park, past or present. […]

Daily Figment 106: Walking In an Imagineering Wonderland

This week, we take another look at the Disney Geeks’ Holiday Wish List. We’re getting closer to the season: the decorations are up at the parks, the resorts are starting to sprout red and green, the trees are showing up everywhere and Mickey is celebrating with his Very Merry Christmas Parties. So far, we’ve looked […]