Anheuser Busch and Busch Gardens History

How Did the Anheuser Busch Company and the Busch Family Get into the Theme Park Business?

Busch Gardens Tampa and Busch Gardens Williamsburg are world-renowned theme parks. But how did a beer company get into the theme park business? The story of the Busch Gardens parks has a long history that dates back to the very first Busch Gardens park in Pasadena, California.

Busch Gardens Pasadena?

There were also two failed Busch Gardens theme parks: Busch Gardens Houston and Busch Gardens Van Nuys (Los Angeles). What happened to these parks?

Busch Gardens History Video

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The Busch family (Aldolphus and Lilly) left a legacy that the Anheuser Busch Company continued and expanded in order to promote their breweries and wildlife. The parks may have changed hands, but they still follow the rich traditions of the Busch Family.

Did You Ever Get to Visit the Two Closed Busch Gardens Parks?

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