Ringling Circus Museum and Ca ‘D’Zan House Tour

Ringling Circus Museum and Ca 'D'Zan House Tour

Ringling Circus Museum and Ca ‘D’Zan House Tour

Visiting the Ringling Estate in Sarasota was an unexpected surprise. I covered the Howard Brothers Circus model in a previous post and in this video, I tour the Ringling Circus Museum and Ca ‘D’Zan House.

The Ringling Circus Museum offers insight into the workings and history of the circus. They even have the Ringling Pullman train car on display. Such opulence! The last part of the video is a tour of the first floor of the Ca ‘D’Zan, the magnificent home that john Ringling built on the Sarasota Bay.

Ringling Circus Museum and Ca ‘D’Zan House Tour Video

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Visiting the two circus museums and the first floor tour of the Ca ‘D’Zan make a wonderful half-day excursion in Central Florida. I didn’t even get the chance to explore the Ringling Art Museum, so I’ll have to head back over to Sarasota.

Have you visited the Ringling Circus Museum and the Ca ‘D’Zan? Leave me a comment!

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