Celebrating 40 Years of Walt Disney World: CTX Time Rover, A Warning of the Future!

I was invited to be part of the Main Street Gazette Round Table about time travel and Walt Disney World.

Our assignment from Ryan:

Roundtable Topic: If you could have been at one event from the history of Walt Disney World, what moment would you have liked to be a witness to and why?

It was a fun exercise, but limiting myself to 350 words was a fairly painful process. While ruminating on the post, I thought of all of the different times I would love to have visited the Vacation Kingdom of the World. One day, which will remain dateless until the Archives can confirm it, was during one of Walt’s visits to the future Florida Property.

Admiral Joe Fowler (l) and Walt walk the property.

I wouldn’t spend too much time harassing Uncle Walt but I would let him know that the Florida Project was going to be amazing and that his dreams were going to come true. And then I would warn Sklar, Hench, et al. that One day a crazy, wild-eyed scientist or a kid may show up asking about–er a crazy, wild-eyed Paramount Executive would take over the company and build too many hotels and way too many gift shops. He would save the company but would also render everything null that made the Vacation Kingdom special. And make sure that his contract is only for 10 years.

And this is where we will put all of the FastPass machines…

The following photo shows Marty Sklar, unknown executive (General Joe Potter?) and Marvin Davis (?) checking out the future site of the Castle just after groundbreaking.

Sklar (l) walks like a Floridian!

Make sure to check out Chris’ response over at the Gazette. It is amazing how great minds think alike!

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One thought on “Celebrating 40 Years of Walt Disney World: CTX Time Rover, A Warning of the Future!

  1. Hi George,

    Great minds do indeed think alike!

    I loved the FastPass caption.

    More warnings from the future to WDW Guests:
    – Ride Mr. Toad and Horizons every chance you get.
    – Savor every time you see a character just walking around.
    – Take that extra day to spend time in the Villiage.
    – Eat at the Empress Lily.
    – Ride the train at Fort Wilderness.

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