DVD Review: Private Practice, the Complete Third Seasoneople

Private Practice: Complete Third Season

Another DVD review from my wife. She certainly loves Grey’s Anatomy and the Private Practice spin-off!

“Relive every moment of ABC’s hit drama Private Practice: The Complete Third Season – from the Golden Globe-winning creator of Grey’s Anatomy. The challenges that Dr. Addison Montgomery (Kate Walsh) and her co-workers at the Oceanside Wellness Group face every day have bonded them into a tight knit family, but big changes may be just around the corner.” Now, that is the official blurb on this DVD set.

My blurb will be much more beefy (Tim, Taye, Chris and Paul) and gorgeous (Kate, Amy, Audra, KaDee).

Nickels worth: This Grey’s Anatomy fan, of course, had to get hooked on the spin-off Private Practice. Not that the show could not stand on its own qualities, but the extremely outwardly attractive cast make it a pleasure even when the story line is disturbing.

Dimes worth: Unlike Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice provides a lot more of the complicated emotions of love (lust) in the workplace and the psychosis that goes along with it. Experiencing this particular season all over again was actually even better than the first time. I could sink into the story lines and really pay attention to the subtleties.

Quarters worth: Passionate about their careers, Passionate about their partners, Passionate about their choices…Awesome passion and it comes out of the television at you at points. Makes me want to open a “Private” Practice.

Final Dollar: This 5-disc DVD set contains some great deleted scenes and the bloopers are actually funny. It helps sometimes to reality check the “pretty” people out of the episode and see that good looks don’t make you flawless. One of my favorite things about this show are the ensembles that they put Kate Walsh in. Some of them make you want to say, “Seriously?” (Oh wait, that is Greys…my bad!)

Get in mah belly!
See, the Wizard did give me awesome pecs!

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