76-Foot Trombones Led the Parade!

At Imaginerding, we love ephemera about the Disney Parks. This includes maps, napkins, brochures, buttons…you name it! The following is a1977 map from World Magazine¬†of the Walt Disney World Resort. World Magazine was more of a travel brochure that you would pick up at a hotel lobby or request from a visitor’s bureau.

So, what do you think of the gigantic Walt Disney World Marching Band that is about to invade Fantasyland?


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4 thoughts on “76-Foot Trombones Led the Parade!

  1. I like looking at Disney World as it stood in 1977. Treasure Island is still in operation, along with River Country. There is no Grand Floridian Resort, or Wilderness Lodge.

    In the Magic Kingdom 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea is still there and Frontierland, as we know it, with Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain Railraod doesn’t exist yet.

    Great find!

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