Imaginerding Silent Auction!

I have duplicates of some great titles that I will be auctioning off this week (my wife is making me do this). Many of them have already been reviewed and will make an incredible addition to any Disney enthusiast’s library.

The silent auction will end at midnight, on Sunday, July 5th. We will post daily updates here and on twitter. For this silent auction, e-mail [email protected] the title of the book(s) and the amount you are bidding. You will have the opportunity to bid again after the daily update. Some of the items have multiple copies and the two highest bidders will win. If you have any questions about the condition of the book, let us know.
Auction items, in no particular order:

Walt Disney World, The First Decade (review link)
  • The First Decade is a wonderful look at the first ten years at WDW, when it was just the Magic Kingdom, the Contemporary, Poly, Golf Resort, Disney Village, Fort Wilderness and River Country. You also get a look at some Reedy Creek Improvement District behind-the-scenes photos and info.

Disneyland, The First Quarter Century (Update link)
  • The First Quarter Century is similar to Walt Disney World, The First Ten Years. It describes the history and construction of Disneyland–and the additions up to 1970. Lots of great photographs of Disneyland throughout the years.

The Disney Villain by Ollie Johnston and Frank Thomas (Review link)
  • Johnston and Thomas take a detailed look at the Disney Villains throughout the years. It is beautifully illustrated (and written) with a lot of concept art.

Walt Disney’s Imagineering Legends by Jeff Kurtti (Review link)
  • Kurtti is one of the more prolific and talented Disney historians around. In this work, Kurtti investigates the development of the Disney Theme Park through some of the greatest Imagineers ever. Wonderful artwork. Every Theme Park student needs to own this one.

Disneyland Hotel, The Early Years by Donald Ballard (Review link)
  • Ballard has created a one-of-a-kind resource on the Disneyland Hotel. Ballard looks at the construction, additions and history of the Hotel. It is almost out-of-print, so get a copy soon.

Walt Disney Imagineering
  • This is the quintessential book on Imagineering and the art of designing theme parks. Released in 1996, it is one of the few resources to look at most every major aspect of Imagineering. It was one of the first Disney-related books that I owned and is a constant and reliable resource.

The Disney Touch by Ron Grover (no review)
  • Covering the early part of the Eisner years (1984-1990), Grover looks at how Eisner and Wells re-invented Disney and saved the company.

Walt Disney World 15th Anniversary (no review)
  • This book follows Walt Disney World, The First Decade by five years. It was published to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of Walt Disney World in 1986. A large portion of the book is dedicated to covering EPCOT Center, which was only a few years old. It is a wonderful book for enthusiasts that are looking for a nostalgic look at Walt Disney World or for doing a little research on a Walt Disney World that is no more.

The Magic Begins With Me
  • Produced as an employee keepsake for the 50th Anniversary of Disneyland, this book looks at and celebrates castmembers from all of the Disney Parks. Included are testimonials from guests and remembrances from current cast.
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