Daily Figment 128 – All I Want for Christmas…

It has been an amazing year for us at Imaginerding; we have met so many wonderful people in the Disney blog-o-sphere, Disney forums and Disney podcasts. As I sit and watch A Christmas Story on TBS, I think about the one present I want for Christmas this year. I know there will some amazing presents: books, video games, a new MP3 player and a few packages from Italy marked FRAGILE. The time spent with family will be too short and I will eat too many helpings of pie.

But what do I really want for Christmas?

Admission to the WDW Crate Appreciation Society.

As you can see in the membership card above, I was admitted as a GROUPIE of the society during MouseFest 2007.

I am submitting my official application for admittance to the WDW Crate Appreciation Society to the founding members: Jessica, Lou and Jeff. Attached are three photographs of undocumented crates from the queue of Splash Mountain.

So, Dear Santa, will you be bringing me a new membership card this year?

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4 thoughts on “Daily Figment 128 – All I Want for Christmas…

  1. I hope you’re accepted. Is there a petition we can sign? Maybe you could put up a poll.

    I have so few crate photos I needn’t bother.

    Have a Merry Christmas. I am looking forward to more great adventures in Imaginerding in ’08!

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