Bob Iger is Rocking My World!

Honor Hunter at Blue Sky Disney has been doing a great job keeping up with the news out of Glendale, Imagineering and the Walt Disney Animation Studios.

Jeff Pepper wrote a wonderful piece about Pixar, Lasseter and Ed Catmull on 2719 Hyperion. He also gives a shout out to Honor.

I hope that anyone who reads the Disney Geeks is also checking out their sites as well. We have excitedly placed their links in our Geek Out! section.

Click through this link to see all of the Lasseter related articles that Honor has done.

I think Honor sums up a lot feelings of the Disney online community with the following phrase:

Bob Iger is clearly showing a great deal of respect for the Creatives. It’s so refreshing to have an executive who doesn’t have to always BE the spotlight. He understands that if he just gets out of the way… Great things are possible.

Great things indeed. What a great time to be a Disney fan.

Another particularly great quote from Honor:

A new course had been charted… one that most of us can’t see yet. But one that is bright and beautiful. Like Cap’n Jack Sparrow said at the end of “Curse of the Black Pearl” when he took the wheel and looked off into the distance ahead of him:

“Bring me that horizon”.

You don’t know it yet, but that horizon’s coming. And boy, is it beautiful. Lovely even… and there’s not a Suits or Bean Counter in sight. Now isn’t that something truly great to look forward to?

I thought so…

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