Boundless Realm Haunted Mansion Book Review

Boundless Realm: Deep Explorations Inside Disney’s Haunted Mansion by Foxx Nolte

Are you a Haunted Mansion fan?

Then simply visit your favorite retailer and purchase Boundless Realm, Foxx’s deep dive into the history, culture, myths, and designs of everyone’s favorite spooky house.

You will love it and you will glean so much from her nuanced analysis of the vaunted theme park attraction.

I would end the review here, but you might want to read more about it before you take your own deep dive.

Here’s the point to Foxx’s book:

In truth, however, the haunted mansion does not offer us many hints. The great power of the ride is that it suggests leagues more than it shows. Practically every scene offers visual input of imagistic power and internal logic but which has no larger context outside itself. Our brains labor overtime to trace links where they may not truthfully exist. It’s the theme park equivalent of a Rorschach test. —p. 52

Foxx has been pontificating on the Mansion and Disney/themed design for more than fourteen years at Passport 2 Dreams. And I’m not shy to say that she is one of the reasons that I started ImagiNERDing in 2007. Foxx’s words inspired me to look at Disney from a different viewpoint and allowed me to take a discerning look at design choices that I always took for granted. Seriously, the post on fake skylights changed my life.

Why Should You Read This Haunted Mansion Book?

Anyone who has experienced either of the continental Disney Mansions understands that there isn’t much of a narrative. Well, there is, and not the fan-based stories or the retcon that Imagineers have imposed over the ensuing years. But there is a rooted story that is based on the culture and history of the Imagineers that worked on Walt’s haunted house in the 1950s and 1960s. Foxx takes us on the dark and shadowy path that created the 1969 and 1971 Mansions (yes, I know they’re very similar, but there were/are differences).

Foxx did a majority of the 30 illustrations throughout the book!

That’s why this book is spectacular. Foxx takes us by the hand and acts as guide to all that made the Haunted Mansion the Haunted Mansion. She delves into the pop culture of the past few centuries, with a long side track into spiritualism, and brings us into the history of dark rides that led to this one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Anyone familiar with Laff in the Dark and fun house walk-throughs will enjoy these dynamic connections.

Foxx takes these conjunctions, so to speak, and shares how the Imagineers (Davis, Coats, Crump, Gracey, and others) used these influences to design the enigmatic attraction. I searched Google and YouTube for books, songs, and movies mentioned by Foxx that are antecedents to the spooky house.

Boundless Realm and Disney Fans

In Boundless Realm, Foxx’s positions might not sit well with the average theme park visitor or Disney fan (someone who never vacations outside of Walt Disney World). She disregards and destroys fan-based theories (like Constance’s wedding ring), which is a wonderful thing. Some might call Foxx elitist, but there is a reason she is one of the most respected authorities on the Haunted Mansion. Her arguments and theories posit that the Haunted Mansion is a ride that must be experienced firsthand and can only be understood by regular visits.

The book really is for Mansionites that want to experience the attraction from a design perspective in relation to the history and culture of the Imagineers. Casual fans that follow popular vloggers might find consternation in Boundless Realm, but that’s a good thing. I’ve been reading and conversing with Foxx about the Haunted Mansion and themed design for nigh on ten years, and I still felt like I learned some new nugget on each and every page.

Boundless Realm shines when Foxx brings together all of the parts that made the spooky house what it is. We start the journey by discussing how themed entertainment (amusement parks, fairs, carnivals, etc.) and horror films of the early 20th century helped lay the foundation for the iconic attraction. But there are so many more layers to the attraction that Foxx uncovers.

Foxx spends time (and words) imploring readers to discover the world outside of the Disney berms. She discusses the importance of the Haunted Mansion at Knoebels and the Whacky Shack rides, and how their influence is felt in the Mansion.

Disneyland vs. Walt Disney World (And Tokyo, Paris, and Shanghai)

Foxx focuses most of her attention on the Florida mansion. She doesn’t disregard the California attraction; she discusses both attractions when they diverge and offer similar experiences. Her favorite is the Magic Kingdom Haunted Mansion, wherein lies her obsession. And her obsession pays off in spades for us.

In thinking about the book, there were so many parts that stood out in relation to the Magic Kingdom version. Foxx tours us around Liberty Square, and she helps us to understand why the spooky house is situated on a hill and its relation to the rest of the land. (Did you know that you’re not supposed to see the riverboat from the entrance to Liberty Square? It’s the sole reason they built the dock the way it is.) I also loved anytime Foxx stepped out of her role as tour guide and shared anecdotes about time spent working at the Haunted Mansion. There are some fantastic cast member tales in this book. Tales that could not take place today!

We do get sidelines related to the Tokyo Mansion, Phantom Manor, and Mystery Mansion. Foxx doesn’t burrow far into them, but offers cursory glances as to their roles in the evolving art form that is the dark ride. She also tackles a few of the other more prominent haunted houses at Alton Towers, Europa Park, and others.

A Ghost Will Follow You Home

This is only the third title written about the Haunted Mansion. For her, it was a journey that took most of her life to make. It is a work of love, but it’s also a look—no, a gaze into the Mansion and everything that makes the Mansion tick. And why we respond to the Mansion as we do. In one part of the book, Foxx mentions watching people exit the ride, and there is palpable exhilaration on their faces and in their mannerisms. As if they’ve ridden a roller coaster. There is something deeply relatable within the Haunted Mansion that touches so many of us. And many times we simply don’t have the wherewithal to understand why.

That’s what makes Boundless Realm so important.

Are You Going to Pick Up Boundless Realm?

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HersheyPark by Charles J Jacques Book Review

HersheyPark: The Sweetness of Success by Charles J. Jacques Book Review

HersheyPark: The Sweetness of Success was published in 1997 by noted amusement park historian Charles J. Jacques. The 221 page book covers the history of the famed park built by M.S. Hershey from its inception to the mid-1990s. Fans of HersheyPark will love this book as Jacques created a work that offers a unique perspective on how this park grew from a company picnic ground to one of the premier parks in the world.

Jacques begins the tale with Milton Snavely Hershey (referred to as M.S. Hershey in the book), a figure that dominated the confection industry and helped define standards for amusement parks (rather unintentionally). Most Disney fans will easily spot the resemblance between M.S. Hershey and Walt Disney. Both ascribed to create a legacy beyond themselves. Hershey focused on the community that he had built for his employees and the ensuing community park that evolved into HersheyPark. Disney, always forward thinking, worked on his designs for planned community centered around the Florida property, as well as innovations in entertainment.

The Importance of HersheyPark

Fans of amusement parks and amusement park history understand that parks didn’t spring up overnight. The evolution of amusement parks can be traced back hundreds of years; we wouldn’t see the modern park until the early twentieth century. Disneyland set the standard for theme parks, but there had been thousands of amusement parks in the United States since the 1900s. During the golden age of amusement parks (the 1920s), there were more than 2000 parks and roller coasters across the country.

I’ve been fortunate enough to visit Pennsylvania a few times to experience the parks that helped define the modern amusement park. Visiting the Keystone State offers a unique glimpse at the history of amusement parks. Knoebels is more of a classic trolley park that offers a view of a park from the early twentieth century.Kennywood (besides offering classic rides found nowhere else) is the next generation and has the feel of a 1950s pre-Disneyland amusement park. Finally, HersheyPark, with its rich history, is a thoroughly modern amusement park that offers thrills and family fun.

Why You Should Read This Book

Jacques really knows his stuff. He grew up in Pennsylvania visiting the local parks as a child and then returned with his children. Obviously, from this book and his book on Kennywood, Jacques spent a lot of time documenting the park with photos and by collecting ephemera. Any fans of HersheyPark are going to love the in-depth history while amusement park fans will want add this book to their collection as it is a wonderful example of a pertinent and engaging book.

Yes, the book ends at 1996, so we are missing 25 years of current history, but anyone familiar with HersheyPark from the 1980s or earlier will devour this book.

Within the 17 chapters, Jacques weaves a story of HersheyPark that shares the history of the park, the people, and the community. The park was always community-focused, and this is obvious based on the narrative of the first 50 years.

Inside HersheyPark: The Sweetness of Success

The book is replete with photos. Many are from the Hershey Community Archives and straddle the life of the park. The first few chapters focus on M.S. Hershey and his rise to fame. Jacques introduces the key players of the park and how it came to be.

Jacques traces the history of the park’s development through maps, newspaper articles, and interviews. He shares highs and the lows of the park, which were mirrored by M.S. Hershey’s success, as well. When the company was doing well and M.S. Hershey was flush with resources, he spent more on the park, usually in the forms of new attractions or landscaping. During the lean years, or when the Hershey Company was facing financial woes, the park suffered, as well.

When M.S. Hershey was alive, he usually funded park expansions with his own money.

He also covers the litany of performers and special events throughout the years. It’s rare to find a resource that delves so deeply into the culture and history of an amusement park. I commend Jacques for his attention to detail and ultra-nerdiness concerning the park’s history. The story he tells is more than just of an amusement park, but he includes the community, of which it’s hard to discern where one starts and ends.

Documenting the history of any place requires a firm grasp of the subject and the ability to properly frame the story. Jacques never buries us in an avalanche of facts and figures that don’t propel the reader and the story. Jacques is able to structure the story in regards to the timeline of the park so that you can follow and keep up with all of the changes.

Why This Book is Important

Jacques’ book is a rare look at the development of a community park as it evolved. HersheyPark grew into a trolley park then into an amusement park and, finally, into a world-class theme park. You get a solid overview of what the history of American amusement parks was.

If I had one wish for the book, it would be to have more space to breath. In other words: more pages in the book would have allowed Jacques to spend more time discussing the rides. He covers so much history that it can be overwhelming, but that’s good for a history book.

HersheyPark fans need to own this title. Amusement park fans will enjoy it, as well.

Have you visited HersheyPark? What’s your favorite ride?

Check out my video on the history of amusement parks

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Aladdin 2019

Aladdin 2019

I’m a huge fan of Disney’s animated Aladdin film. With the recent spate of live-action remakes that were pretty off-the-mark, I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about remaking such a beloved film. How would Will Smith be as the Genie? Would the songs work? What about all of the magic? I saw Aladdin 2019 in the theater and my initial reactions were mixed. The film is gorgeous and the special effects are top-notch. Once I got into the film, the characters possessed a similar feel as the ones in the animated film, but without being clones. And the music was good. Disney sent a review copy of the film and I sat down for a second viewing. I enjoyed the film so much more during the second viewing at home. Once I had my expectations set, I was able to look at the film as an homage to the animated film while treading new ground. Will Smith did a fantastic job and the Prince Ali song was a highlight. I wasn’t sure how they were going to pull it off, but the song and effects worked very well. My biggest issue with the film were the songs and singing  by Naomi Scott. She is a very credible actor and a phenomenal singer, but her style, and the style of her song, didn’t fit the feel of the film. Her singing was very modern and didn’t jibe with the Menken songs from the film. IT was also very politically heavy-handed and felt odd. Beyond that, I really enjoyed the movie, more so than any of the other live-action remakes that have been done. Let’s take a look at the bonus features.

Aladdin 2019 Bonus Features

Bonus features include: DIGITAL PRE-SELL BONUS:
  • MAKE WAY FOR PRINCE ALI – Take a look at the gigantic design extravaganza that came together for this scene of Genie-sized proportions.
  • “SPEECHLESS”: CREATING A NEW SONG FOR JASMINE – Follow the story of Jasmine’s inspirational song “Speechless,” written by Alan Menken, Benj Pasek and Justin Paul especially for this version of “Aladdin.”
  • ALADDIN’S VIDEO JOURNAL: A NEW FANTASTIC POINT OF VIEW – Watch behind-the-scenes moments captured by Mena Massoud (Aladdin) in this fun, fast-paced look at his personal journey.
  • DELETED SONG – “DESERT MOON” – Experience a moving duet performed by Jasmine and Aladdin, fully shot and edited, with an introduction by Alan Menken.
  • GUY RITCHIE: A CINEMATIC GENIE – Discover why director Guy Ritchie was the perfect filmmaker to tackle this exhilarating reimagining of a beloved classic.
  • A FRIEND LIKE GENIE – Discover how Will Smith brings talent, experience and his own personal magic to the iconic role of Genie.
  • DELETED SCENES: Falling Petals Into OJ; Jafar’s Magic Orrery; Anders’ Gift; Wrong Wishes; Silly Old Fool; Post Yam Jam Debrief
  • BLOOPERS – Laugh along with the cast and crew in this lighthearted collection of outtakes from the set.
  • MUSIC VIDEOS • “Speechless” – Music video performed by Naomi Scott • “A Whole New World” – Music video performed by ZAYN and Zhavia Ward • “ A Whole New World” (“Un Mundo Ideal”) – Music video performed by ZAYN and Becky G.
There isn’t anything special in the bonus features that add or detract to the film. You’re going to buy Aladdin 2019 because you enjoy the movie. And I really did!

Are You Going to Buy Aladdin 2019?

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Aladdin, the Signature Edition

Aladdin, the Signature Edition

The 1992 Aladdin animated feature continued the success of The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast. The Disney musical found its way to the forefront and changed pop culture and animated history. The true heart of the film was showcased in the music of Alan Menken and the should of the film shown through in the masterful performance of Robin Williams. Disney sent me a review copy of the animated feature and the 2019 live-action film for this review.

There’s no doubt that you love Aladdin and have watched it endlessly, but is there a need to buy the new Signature Edition? Let’s take a look at the special features and bonus material.


  • Sing Along With the Movie – Sing along to your favorite tunes as you watch the film. With magical on- screen lyrics.
  • Aladdin on Aladdin – Join the speaking voice of Aladdin, Scott Weinger (“Fuller House”), as he reflects on almost 30 years of being Aladdin.
  • “Let’s Not Be Too Hasty”: The Voices of “Aladdin” – Take your seat in the recording booth and watch as the voice actors of “Aladdin” work their microphone magic.
  • Alternate Endings – Enter the realm of “what if” and see just how differently the movie could have ended.

The new bonus features are fun, especially Aladdin on Aladdin, as we join the voice of Aladdin on a trip through 30 years of Aladdin. He runs into his fellow voice-actors and shares memories of the production. He even gets a singing lesson from Alan Menken! There was also a feature in which the directors discuss the legacy of Robin Williams and how he changed the film so much and was perfect for the genie. There’s also a segment with Ron Clements and John Musker as they discuss their history and how they came to meet and work together. DIGITAL EXCLUSIVE

  • Drawing Genie –Join prolific animator Eric Goldberg as he draws and reminices about the Genie.
  • CLASSIC BONUS – Revisit over 40 exciting bonus features from previous releases including: The Genie Outtakes; “Aladdin”: Creating Broadway Magic; Unboxing “Aladdin” and more!

The digital exclusives are the special features from previous releases and offer a lot historical features about the animated film.

Should I Buy Aladdin on Blu-ray or Digital Download?

The film looks and sounds amazing . The special features add to the enjoyment of the film and offers insight. If you don’t own a digital copy, then it’s worth it to have a version that you can stream anywhere. As far as an animated films, it’s one of the best from the second golden age of Disney animation and belongs in your collection. And it has some amazing songs!

Are You Going to Buy the Signature Edition of Aladdin?

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Marvel Avengers Endgame

Marvel Avengers Endgame

There’s no need for me to tell you to run out and buy a copy of Marvel Avengers Endgame, right? I saw Endgame twice in the theater and it still rocked me emotionally when I streamed the review copy Disney sent me on Movies Anywhere. There’s not much to say about the film, but I can discuss the bonus features featured on the blu-ray and digital download. You’ll need something to watch once the film is over…

Avengers Endgame BONUS MATERIAL

Digital Exclusive:
  • Steve and Peggy: One Last Dance – Explore Captain America and Peggy Carter’s bond, forged in moments from previous films that lead to a momentous choice in “Avengers: Endgame.”
Blu-ray & Digital:
  • Remembering Stan Lee – Filmmakers and cast honor the great Stan Lee in a fond look back at his MCU movie cameos. It’s hard to think about Stan Lee passing, but this is a warm and very humorous tribute to the man. I forgot some of these cameos!
  • Setting The Tone: Casting Robert Downey Jr. – Hear the tale of how Robert Downey Jr. was cast as Tony Stark in the original “Iron Man” — and launched the MCU. Sometimes I gorget that the entire 22 movie franchise started with this one film and finding the perfect actor for Iron Man. This is a well done look at how Robert Downey, Jr. was iron man.
  • A Man Out of Time: Creating Captain America – Trace the evolution of Captain America with those who helped shape the look, feel and character of this compelling hero. I enjoyed this extra because Cap is the hero inside of all of us, or the hero that we all want to be. He’s out shadowed by Iron Man, but there is something heartfelt in everything he does.
  • Black Widow: Whatever It Takes – Follow Black Widow’s journey both within and outside the Avengers, including the challenges she faced and overcame along the way. I wish they had been able to explore Natasha’s story in a full-length film, but this is a good look back at her story.
  • The Russo Brothers: Journey to Endgame – See how Anthony and Joe Russo met the challenge of helming two of the biggest films in cinematic history … back-to-back! Watching how the Russo Brothers brought these films to life is almost as overwhelming as the final battle in Endgame.
  • The Women of the MCU – MCU women share what it was like to join forces for the first time in an epic battle scene — and be part of such a historic ensemble. Strong women have always been central to the Marvel films.
  • Bro Thor – His appearance has changed but his heroism remains! Go behind the scenes to see how Bro Thor was created. Bro Thor…say no more!
  • Six Deleted Scenes – “Goji Berries,” “Bombs on Board,” “Suckiest Army in the Galaxy,” “You Used to Frickin’ Live Here,” “Tony and Howard” and “Avengers Take a Knee.”
  • Gag Reel – Laugh along with the cast in this epic collection of flubs, goofs and gaffes from set.
  • Visionary Intro – Intro by directors Joe and Anthony Russo.
  • Audio Commentary – Audio commentary by directors Anthony and Joe Russo, and writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely.
The bonus features were solid, but they’re not the reason you’re going to buy Endgame. I enjoyed the extras, especially the ones about Stan Lee, Captain America and Black Widow; there was a lot of thought given to the characters and the actors chosen. The Gag Reel and Six Deleted Scenes were surprisingly disappointing. Overall, you’re going to want a copy on blu-ray or digital download so you can watch it over and over. Because you love the Avengers 3000!

Are You Going to Pick Up Avengers Endgame?

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Mary Poppins Returns on Blu-ray and Digital Download!

Mary Poppins Returns on Blu-ray and Digital Download!

What did you think about Mary Poppins Returns when it was in the theater? Did it hold up to the iconic Mary Poppins film?

Disney has just released the home video version with a lot of extras, including a digital release-only item.

Check out the release information below.

Mary Poppins Returns on Blu-ray and Digital Download Extras and Special Features


  • Deleted Song—“The Anthropomorphic Zoo” – In this early song sequence, Mary Poppins and the children visit a very special zoo where the humans and animals trade places.
  • The Practically Perfect Making of “Mary Poppins Returns” – Join filmmakers and cast on an amazing journey to embrace the legacy of the original film while making a fresh modern sequel.
    • Introduction – Filmmakers and cast remember the first Mary Poppins movie and share the thrill of working on “Mary Poppins Returns.”
    • “(Underneath the) Lovely London Sky” – Discover how the team mined PL Travers’ books for a fresh perspective on a much-loved character. Plus, meet the Banks children!
    • “Can You Imagine That?” – Be on location for Mary’s iconic entrance from the sky, and explore the movie’s original songs, inspired by the Sherman Brothers.
    • “Nowhere to Go but Up” – Experience being on set with the legendary Dick Van Dyke and Angela Lansbury, and celebrate the joy of choosing the right balloon!
  • Seeing Things From a Different Point of View”: The Musical Numbers of “Mary Poppins Returns”– Go behind the scenes and experience the film’s production numbers from a new angle.
    • “Trip a Little Light Fantastic” – Led by Lin-Manuel Miranda, the cast performs the film’s biggest production number, with dancing lamplighters, bicyclists and more!
    • “The Royal Doulton Music Hall” / “A Cover Is Not the Book” – Find out what it takes to create two musical extravaganzas inside an animated world, highlighted by dancing animated penguins!
    • “Turning Turtle” – Mary’s eccentric cousin, Topsy Turvy, played by Meryl Streep, has an unusual house that turns this musical number upside-down.
    • “Can You Imagine That?” – Dive under the bubbles with the cast and crew to see how this exuberant number was created.
  • Back to Cherry Tree Lane: Dick Van Dyke Returns – Dick Van Dyke, who played Bert and Mr. Dawes Sr. in the first film, returns after 54 years to Cherry Tree Lane as Mr. Dawes Jr.
  • Practically Perfect Bloopers – There’s nowhere to go but up with the cast and crew in this lighthearted collection of flubs, goofs and prop fails!
  • Deleted Scenes
    • Leaving Topsy’s – After their visit to Cousin Topsy, Mary, Jack and the children pause to take a look back.
    • “Trip a Little Light Fantastic” – The leeries light up the screen in this extended clip from the movie’s biggest musical production.
  • Play Movie in Sing-Along Mode – Sing along with all your favorite songs as you watch the movie.


  • Play Movie with Audio Commentary – Watch the film with commentary by director Rob Marshall and producer John DeLuca.

I have to admit that the filmed charmed me so much more after the first viewing. The music was good, but didn’t seem to reach the legendary feel of the Sherman Brothers. Several songs captured my attention and a few have grown on me after multiple listens to the soundtrack. Several iconic scenes, like the Royal Doulton Music Hall, were inspirational and covered by the bonus features. Overall, you’re going to buy this blu-ray/digital download simply for the film. The bonus features are good, but nothing stands out as a must have.

I still highly recommend that you check out Practically Poppins in Every Way by Jeff Kurtti!

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Ralph Breaks the Internet Bonus Features

Ralph Breaks the Internet Special Features

Ralph Breaks the Internet is the follow-up to the sensational Wreck-It-Ralph. I have to admit that I didn’t like the sequel as much as the original, but it was still a good family film that broke a lot of ground technically and artistically. There were also more Easter Eggs than you can possible imagine. When my review copy arrived, I entered the code into my Movies Anywhere app.

After checking out all of the special features included in the digital download on Movies Anywhere app, I garnered a deeper appreciation for the film. Let’s delve into the bonus features of Ralph Breaks the Internet on blu-ray and digital download.


Blu-ray & Digital:

How We Broke the Internet – Go behind the scenes at Walt Disney Animation Studios to get an in-depth look at how the filmmakers brought a world to life that billions of people visit every day but never actually see – the internet. Take a front-row seat as the team reveals the inspirations for the story and what it took to bring it to the screen. Discover all that went into developing the characters of the film including netizens like KnowsMore as well as characters like Double Dan. See the lengths the team took to create the car chase scenes in Slaughter Race and much, much more.

This was a 30 minute feature that breaks down how the parts of the film came together. There’s a lot of insight into the development of the world and how they translated the internet into the universe of Wreck-It-Ralph.

Surfing for Easter Eggs – Surf the web for the near-countless Easter Eggs, inside jokes and references hidden throughout the movie.

This short was a lot of fun and shared hidden details that I hadn’t seen before, especially references to Big Hero 6.

The Music of Ralph Breaks the Internet – Take a look at the music of Ralph Breaks the Internet with appearances by Imagine Dragons, Julia Michaels, Alan Menken, Sarah Silverman and more.

Deleted Scenes – Five deleted scenes with intros from directors Rich Moore and Phil Johnston. Scenes include Into the Internet, Opposites, Domestic Hell, Bubble of One & Recruiting “Grandma.”

The deleted scenes were enjoyable, but it’s always weird to think about all of the changes that an animated film has gone through. I enjoy watching the scenes and always want more to be included.

BuzzzTube Cats – Many videos were created by the animators to fill the screens of the Internet world…and lots of them are of cats! Check out the BuzzzTube to watch this hilarious cat compilation.

I was completely surprised at how much I enjoyed Disney making viral cat videos. I would watch these all day long!

Music Videos – “Zero” by Imagine Dragons and “In This Place” by Julia Michaels.

I have no idea who Julia Michaels is.

Digital Exclusive:

Baby Drivers – Slaughter Racing School – Take a spin behind the wheel with the artists behind Ralph Breaks the Internet as they go to race car driving school.

I left the theater feeling disappointed in the sequel; it lacked the charm and warmth of the first film. Was this because of the loss of John Lasseter? I won’t delve into the political ramifications, but it’s obvious that this post-Lasseter film is missing quite a bit.

The number of pop-culture references dismayed me. They are going to date the film in the next 20 years or so. Also, the number of commercial websites featured in the film dismayed me. The Slaughter Race was extremely dark and inappropriate for a film marketed towards children and families.

Are You Going to Buy Ralph Breaks the Internet?

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Walt Disney’s Disneyland Book Preview!

Walt Disney’s Disneyland Book Preview!

Walt Disney’s Disneyland by Chris Nichols was released in September, 2018 and has received great reviews. I just got a copy for Christmas and i couldn’t wait to tear into it. I waited to get home to do a preview video of the new book on Disneyland’s history.

But, it is the best Disneyland book ever released?

Walt Disney’s Disneyland Book Video

Is This the Best Book About Disneyland? What Do You Think?

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi on Blu-ray!

Star Wars: The Last Jedi on Blu-ray!

I liked Star Wars: The Last Jedi in the theater. I love The Last Jedi after watching it on blu-ray at home. My review copy of the film arrived and I tore into the packaging. I popped the disc into the player and was transported back to a galaxy far, far way.

The Last Jedi is stunning on blu-ray and sounds amazing. Having the chance to see the film at home offers the chance to soak in the characters and storyline. As monumental as the film was in the theater, it is meant to be enjoyed by repeat viewings to catch the minutia.

The Last Jedi Extras

There are a handful of extras on the Bonus disc. By far, the most powerful one is the full-length feature, The Director and The Jedi. The documentary takes us behind the scenes to see how Ryan Johnson and crew created Episode VIII of the Star Wars saga. There are interviews with the cast and crew, shots of pre-production, special effects and very touching moments. It’s the type of documentary that I wish we had about all of the films.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi..L to R: Director Rian Johnson with Carrie Fisher (Leia) on set. ..Photo: David James..©2017 Lucasfilm Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

The Balance of the Force is a short featurette that shares Rian Johnson’s thoughts on the direction that the Force takes in this film. There’s a lot of light shed onto the decisions to make Luke as he is and Rey’s journey. The Force connections between Rey and Rylo are discussed and we learn more about Yoda’s role.

Scene Breakdowns shares how three different scenes came to life. It’s just over 30 minutes long and really go into details about the effects and the development; from storyboards to final cuts. There are a lot of insights into the scenes and they add tremendous depth to the film.

Andy Serkis Live! (One Night Only) is a featurette showcasing two scenes with Serkis in the mo-cap suit. It is quite powerful to see how much of Serikis’s performance shines through without the s[ecial effects.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi..L to R: Daisy Ridley (Rey) on the Skellig Island (Ach-to) set with Director/Writer Rian Johnson..Photo: Lucasfilm Ltd…©2017 Lucasfilm Ltd. All Rights Reserved

The 14 deleted scenes include introductions and commentary from Rian Johnson. There were a few of the deleted scenes that added so much more to the story, that I wish that they had been left intact. I will say that the fathier scene in Canto felt like the pod racing scene from the Phantom Menace; it was simply too long.

The Last Jedi

The Last Jedi is well worth the blu-ray purchase. The spectacle of Star Wars really comes across on the disc. The visuals and audio are the best I’ve seen on any release. The special features keep the magic alive without giving away too many of the secrets. You also get a great feel for modern filmmaking that relies as much on physical sets as special effects.

The Force is strong with this film.

What did you think of Star Wars: The Last Jedi?

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Ducktales Woo-oo! on DVD

Ducktales Woo-oo! on DVD

Ducktales Woo-oo! is return of the beloved series from the late 1980s. With new voice actors, I wasn’t sure if my fanboy heart would understand. But I’m glad to say that I enjoyed the 44-minute episode when the review copy arrived.

Ducktales Woo-oo! Giveaway!

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From the Ducktales Woo-oo! Press Release:

The high-flying fun begins when Donald Duck reluctantly takes his mischief-making nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie to McDuck Manor, stately home of their rich, reclusive, great-uncle Scrooge McDuck. Enthralled by the exploits of their once-legendary great-uncle, the triplets and their fearless new friend Webby unwittingly unleash secret totems from Scrooge’s epic past, launching the entire family on a daring, deep-sea quest for the Lost City of Atlantis.                     

Voice Cast:     David Tennant (“Doctor Who”) as Scrooge McDuck, Danny Pudi (“Community”) as Huey, Ben Schwartz (“Parks and Recreation”) as Dewey, Bobby Moynihan (“Saturday Night Live”) as Louie, Kate Micucci (“Garfunkel and Oates”) as Webby Vanderquack, Beck Bennett (“Saturday Night Live”) as Launchpad McQuack, Toks Olagundoye (“Castle”) as Mrs. Beakley and Tony Anselmo (“Mickey Mouse”) as Donald Duck.

The action of the show surprised me and it brought back warm feelings of the older series. I think most Ducktales fans will enjoy the show, especially if they give Tennant a chance. He’s missing the warmth of Alan Young, but Tennant’s Scrooge grows and changes through the episode. It’s a great reboot and I’m glad to see Disney pander to the fans, including the celebrity fans, with this one.

I enjoyed the art style of the animation. The backgrounds had a comic book page flatness to them, which allowed the traditional characters to have a new design that’s more modern.

If you didn’t get a chance to see it on Disney XD, then I think you should check this one out. Maybe your local public library has a copy you can borrow!

Are you going to pick up Ducktales Woo-oo!?

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