Ackbars Adventures at the Painted Camel at Busch Gardens Tampa

Ackbars Adventures at the Painted Camel at Busch Gardens Tampa

The Painted Camel Bazaar is a merchandise location in the Pantopia  section of Busch Gardens Tampa. It was transformed in 2014 from the Desert Traders Gift Shop, and, prior to that, was the West African Training Company.

The Painted Camel Bazaar is a fascinating shop that pays homage to past attractions and past versions of itself. Let’s take a look!

This piece of artwork on the walls shares info about the artwork throughout the building.

This pallet, used to ship merchandise to Busch Gardens, has now been repurposed into art.

HOW BIZARRE! Look around and keep your eyes peeled for all of the hidden and salvaged treasures in the Painted Camel.

The nails used in this pallet are over 33-years old from the walls of the West African Trading Company. They were salvaged from this building during remodeling.

Original aluminum canopies used in the original West African Trading Company, later known as the Desert Traders Gift Shop.

The shop has some messages about recycling that point to its history and to some long-gone attractions (and a new one).

It’s difficult to get a shot of the awnings in question, and this awning has a tribute to a former attraction.

Is the reference to “The Great Balloon Race” to a former kiddie ride? Or is it s reference to the multimedia film presentation of The Day of the Balloons? Any thoughts?

This awning features a reference to 2014, the year that the Painted Camel Bazaar opened.

Ackbar’s Adventure Tours

An Oasis of Adventure! Sign Up Now!

Akbar’s Adventure Tours was a motion-simulator ride (think Star Tours) that was at Busch Gardens Tampa and operated from 1998 to 2007. It was near current day roller coasters Cobra’s Curse and Montu.

Ride the Market! Special Offer! Will Barter for Camel Food!

Part of the simulator attraction was riding through a market on the back of a camel, which was an easy and justifiable movement for a simulator. the poster also works well in The Painted Camel Bazaar!

Luxury Cruise. Mediterranean. Egypt. Act Now!

Akbar was obviously a fan of exclamation points!

Tour of the Ancient Pyramids wiht [sic] Sphinx. Sign Up Now! Make an Offer!
This tribute poster shows off Akbar (portrayed by actor Martin Short, and the tease that part of the Akbar’s Adventure Tours took place in a helicopter and featured the pyramids and the Sphinx. Notice that the price was reduced drastically.

Falcon’s Fury

105′ Steel Beams. 75-205 Feet Deep. So this is going Vertical!

There are two photos that share the construction of Falcon’s Fury, the 355-foot tall drop tower located right outside of the Painted Camel Bazaar.

“1 down”, “8 tubes to go”, 6000 bolts + 9 tubes – AWESOME RIDE

Falcon’s Fury opened in 2014, along with the Painted Camel Bazaar.

Love Busch Gardens History? Check out this Video:

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