The Story of Walt Disney World Book Review

the story of walt disney world

The Story of Walt Disney World Book Review

Are you looking for an amazing book about Walt Disney World?

The two covers of the Story of Walt Disney World Commemorative Edition

One of my favorite books is the Story of Walt Disney World: Commemorative Edition. This is a large-format, paperback book that was published during the first decade of the Vacation Kingdom of the World. The book was updated regularly from 1971 through 1980 (or so). After perusing multiple editions and copies, there are minor differences in the images, but there is a major difference in the two-page resort maps.

The Story of Walt Disney World Video Review

It’s amazing to think of how many photos that Disney published concerning the construction of the Magic Kingdom and the hotels. You don’t see Disney doing much of that today.

What do you think about this title?

Have you read it? Do you own both editions?

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