The Original EPCOT?

Header image of the Lake Buena Vista Host Community of Walt Disney World

The Original EPCOT Center?

How many of you remember the Lake Buena Vista Community?

You know, the sprawling group of townhomes, vacation villas and treehouses? No?

Treehouse Villas at Lake Buena Vista seen from above with a boat passing by on the river.

What about the Disney Institute?

Well, now Saratoga Springs calls that place home and it wasn’t always a DVC resort steps away from Disney Springs. For the first decade or so, Lake Buena Vista was the Host Community of Walt Disney World. It was part of the original plan by Disney executives to create Walt’s idea for EPCOT Center.

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Did You Ever Get to Stay at any of the Lake Buena Vista Villas or the Treehouses? Leave me a comment!

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5 thoughts on “The Original EPCOT?

  1. Treehouses are great if you have enough people to fill one. It really has the retro-future feel of classic WDW that is fading away now. I stayed in one a few years ago, and plan to stay in one again next winter.
    Myself, I would have been into Eisner’s Disney Institute of the 90s, had I been visiting Orlando in those days.

    1. I was fortunate to do the Disney Institute in 1997. We did rock climbing and then an Imagineering class. It was a very cool area and I commend Eisner for doing something different . If I’m not mistaken he based it on a place he went to as a kid in upstate New York.
      But you were fortunate to stay in one of the tree houses! How cool was that to stay in a historical part of Disney World?

  2. Yep! I was there from the beginning! I remember all of it! We started going in the summer of ’72 and I am still going to WDW.

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