Epcot Center Master Plan 5 from 1977

epcot center master plan 5

What was Epcot Center Master Plan 5?

Have you heard of Epcot Center Master Plan 5? Did you ever wonder how the Imagineers developed the plans for Epcot Center?

Epcot as we know it today is nothing like Walt’s original plans for the Florida Project. How did we get from the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow to one of the world’s most popular theme parks?

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Learn about the exciting new pavilions that Disney planned for the theme park, including the Space Pavilion and the original plans for Life & Health.

epcot center master plan 5
Yes, this is the model for the original Life & Health Pavilion. I really wish I could have experienced a few of these ideas for EPCOT Center attractions, don’t you?

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