Lightning Rod Queue and Show Building at Dollywood!

lightning rod at dollywood

Lightning Rod Queue and Show Building at Dollywood!

Lightning Rod at Dollywood is the world’s fastest, launched wooden roller coaster. It reached 73 M.P.H. down the lift hill and the launch quickly gets you to 45 M.P.H. up the first hill. It’s an incredibly visceral experience and a remarkable coaster from Rocky Mountain Construction.

Lightning Rod Video

Check out my video featuring the queue of Lightning Rod and off-ride video!

Lightning Rod Queue and Show Building!

lightning rod at dollywood

Not only is the roller coater impressive, but the queue helps get you in the mood to test out the hotrod. Johnny Revere comes form a racing family and he’s been working on a new car. According to the story, he’s opened up his garage and research center so that everyone can check out Lightning Rod.

lightning rod queue

The queue is view begins in the service station with plenty of Johnny’s awards and trophies. He also has some equipment on display and a gorgeous hotrod roadster. Make sure to notice the similarities between the roadster and the roller coaster cars. After you wend through the station, you’ll enter the research building, which is three stories and contains a lot of theĀ behind-the-scenes top-secret information. It does give you a lot to look at and helps tell the story of Johnny Rev and his quest for speed.

lightning rod randy's repair shop

The phone number on Randy’s Repair Shop is the Dollywood hours and information phone line! I’m pretty sure that Randy Crum is a very long-standing employee at Dollywood. There are a lot of hidden details that reference people that were important in Dollywood’s history and Dolly Parton’s life. Dollywood has done a great job of making the queue help tell the story of Johnny Rev and keeping your interest while waiting.

lightning rod stroller parking

Even the stroller parking sign has been tricked out by Johnny Rev and his friends!

Have you had the chance to experience Lightning Rod?

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  1. I loved this whole area of Dollywood, gives you such a neat taste of what Appalachia must of been like in the 50’s and 60’s.

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