Six Flags VR Coaster Announcement

Six Flags VR Coaster Announcement

Six Flags VR Coaster?

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I had the chance to experience the VR Coaster at IAAPA 2015 on the FunSpot Freedom Flyer. It was such an amazing experience that I knew it would revolutionize the industry. Six Flags just announced that they would be bringing online several VR Coasters throughout their different parks. The Dare Devil Dive Coaster at Six Flags over Georgia will feature the New Revolution Virtual Reality Coaster. This surprised me, at first, but made sense after thinking about the load and unload needs of the Dare Devil Dive Coaster and the Six Flags VR Coaster headset.

SFOG_DareDevilDive (1)

For the VR Coaster experience (or any of the Six Flags VR Coaster experiences), you’ll don a Samsung Gear VR Headset before the ride. When I rode the VR Coaster at Funspot, I chose to wear my glasses and the headset fit snuggly and didn’t bother me in the least. It was pretty amazing to sit on the coaster with the headset and see a completely different environment all around me.

SFOG_TheNewRevolution_Headsets (1)

North America’s First Virtual Reality Coaster Coming to Six Flags Over Georgia North America’s first virtual reality roller coaster (VR) is coming to Atlanta, as The New Revolution at Dare Devil Dive is set to debut at Six Flags Over Georgia. Using Samsung Gear VR powered by Oculus, riders will become “co-pilots” on their own virtual fighter jets and be transported into a futuristic battle to save planet Earth from an alien invasion.
The New Revolution at Dare Devil Dive will feature:

  • The incredibly immersive world of virtual reality – straight up nearly 100 feet to the top of a towering skyscraper;
  • A 95 degree launch off the edge of a building – beyond vertical;
  • Darting between buildings and extreme aerial moves at speeds of up to 55 miles per hour;
  • Daring aerobatic maneuvers through three inversions and zero-gravity hills; and
  • An exhilarating battle sending you head over heels through 2,100 feet of twisted steel track to fight alien forces and save all mankind.

2016 Season Passholders will experience The New Revolution exclusively March 12 and 13 for opening weekend. The virtual reality coaster will open to the public on March 19 for a limited time only.


The integration I experienced was truly seamless and I never felt like I had motion-sickness at any time. You pull real Gs (based on the coaster) and the coaster environment is a perfect next step for VR. The Six Flags VR Coaster is going to blow people away.


When you move your head while wearing the Samsung Gear while riding the Six Flags VR Coaster, you get a complete panorama that moves with you.

six flags vr coaster

I rode the Dare Devil Dive Coaster last season (2015) and enjoyed the experience, except for the load and unload. It seemed to add more than the length of the ride to make sure every person was loaded (I’m never going to knock safety). But the wait in the queue was fairly long and the addition of the VR headsets is just going to make it longer.


Overall, I loved the Dare Devil Dive Coaster. It’s very smooth and pulls Gs in all the right places. The initial ride of the 95-foot lift hill can be daunting, but the VR headsets should make it more enjoyable. It is a very short ride. A short but satisfying ride.


I’m very excited for this addition to the roller coaster industry and for virtual reality. It really works and I can’t wait to try out the New Revolution myself!

Are you going to try the Six Flags VR Coaster at Six Flags over Georgia? Or at a Six Flags near you?

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