Don’t Say Anything to Roy…

Jack Cutter started at the Disney Studio as an assistant animator in 1929 and eventually worked his way up to Head of the Foreign Department where he retired in 1975. His role was to ensure that Disney films could be released to the overseas markets with proper dubbing by appropriate voice actors. In the following excerpt from Walt’s People – Volume 9, Jack is interviewed by Christopher Finch and Linda Rosenkrantz:

That’s how it was. Walt was never one to deal in half measures when he was interested in something. For example, I learned to fly some years ago and when Walt found out I had bought a plane, he talked to me about flying and said he would like to take it up. So I asked him to go flying with me. He did and was enthusiastic about it. When we came down, he said, “Don’t say anything to Roy because he will have a fit if he finds out I am interested in flying.” Walt never learned to fly, but some years later when he decided to have a Company plane, even though Roy was concerned about his flying, he started with a Cessna Queen Air and then a Turbo King Air, and finally a Gulfstream. Before he died he had ordered a Jet Gulfstream and was talking about going around the world in it. Walt was never one to think small. He always did things in big scope but never did anything foolish or extravagant.

Mickey One parked backstage as part of the Backlot Tour at Disney’s Hollywood Studio.