Presenting Disneyland Book Preview

Presenting Disneyland Book Preview

Aaron H. Goldberg has done it again with the publication of his fifth book about Disney.

Presenting Disneyland: Forgotten Photos from Opening Day is an incredible journey through one of the most famous days in theme park history: July 17, 1955. But not through the PR or press lens. This time, Aaron got his hands on hundreds of photos taken by a Disney Studio employee fortunate enough to be there on opening day, and with his own camera.

The photos are a fresh take on an old subject and show a side of Disneyland, Walt Disney, and the cavalcade that surrounded the opening of the nascent theme park. Aaron offers a unique spin on the text by providing quotes from newspapers and magazines of the time to showcase how the world first saw Disneyland. It’s quite a fascinating way to look at The Happiest Place on Earth.

Forgotten Photos of Opening Day Video

Head on over to Amazon to pick up your copy today (you will not regret it)!

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