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Images of America Waldameer Park History Book Review

Everyone is familiar with the Images of America series from Arcadia Publishing. The ones with the sepia toned covers that lead you down a nostalgic and photographic tour of your favorite amusement parks and towns. They are font of historical information and stunning photographs. With the series, Arcadia Publishing always taps a local expert or historian to write the title and the Waldameer Park history book is no different.

I visited Waldameer Park in 2017 as part of a larger trip that included Kennywood and Cedar Point. I didn’t get to spend the full day at Waldameer due to the weather, but I did experience most of a wonderful local amusement park that has been in operation for more than 125 years and is one of the few remaining trolley parks in the United States.

Author and historian Jim Futrell compiled the photos and the information provided in the Waldameer Park history book. As expected, Waldameer Park is a chronological look at the amusement park located in Erie, PA. Futrell takes us back to the beginning when the park was a popular picnic grove and grew into a trolley park.

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The History of Waldameer Park in Photos

Futrell has compiled hundreds of photos from the beginnings of the 20th Century to the first decade of the 21st Century. He covers all of the major time periods and tells the story of Waldameer Park through the attractions, changes, and through the world-at-large. The author is able to connect the ups and downs of Waldameer with the two world wars, the Great Depression, the Baby Boomers, and more.

The book covers all of the major additions, whether they were from technological advances, fires, or changing cultural needs. You get an incredible feel for the people that built, tended, and kept Waldameer opening and growing over the past 100 tears. We get to meet the movers and shakers that guided  the park and kept it as a well-loved local amusement park despite the issues faced by most other local amusement parks.

Waldameer Park fans are going to love and cherish this book!

Waldameer Park Videos

Check out my two videos about Waldameer Park.

The RollerCoasters of Waldameer:

The Whacky Shack at Waldameer:

Have You Ever Visited Waldameer Park?

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  1. I’d go to Waldameer at least twice every summer for most of my childhood. I love that park so much

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