Best Disney World Book Ever?

What is the Best Disney World Book Ever Published?

This is sort of like asking who your favorite child is. Well, kinda.

I have over 1,400 Disney- and theme park-related books in my collection. A frequently asked question is which book is my favorite? Many of my favorite or recommended Disney titles offer something unique that you can’t find anywhere else. Does the book contain a unique history or photos? Does the Disney book have a unique perspective?

The Gardens of the Walt Disney World Resort: A photographic tour of the themed gardens of the Magic Kingdom, Epcot Center and other resort areas is a book that takes us back in time to showcase full-color images of Disney World from the 1970s and 1980s. Often, these are photos that you can’t recreate in the parks or resorts any longer.

There are pictures in this book that you’ve never seen anywhere else!

Check Out My Video Review of The Gardens of the Walt Disney World Resort

What do you think about The Gardens of the Walt Disney World Resort?

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3 thoughts on “Best Disney World Book Ever?

  1. This sounds really interesting, I’ll give it a look! Also 1400 books is amazing. As a fellow librarian I have to ask – how do you store and organize them all? I don’t know if you’ve ever written a post on that but I’d love to see!

    1. Thanks! For the most part, I divide it into theme parks by title. Then company information by title. Then biographies by title.

  2. George, I completely agree! Out of all my Disney books this one’s my favorite and I keep it out as a coffee table book. It’s so beautiful and just gives me a little vacation of the mind to look through it.

    Such a classy book, too. Love the green leather cover with gold embossing. The print and paper quality is phenomenal and the layout/design is excellent. So many Disney books are unfortunately marred by poor design or print quality, despite their good content.

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