Power Failure at Cedar Point

power failure at cedar point

Power Failure at Cedar Point

My first visit to Cedar Point was in 2016 and I did not expect power failure at Cedar Point (or any other major amusement park). I mean, who expects a Cedar Point power failure?

The visit to Cedar Point was part of a larger coaster trip that also included Kings Island, Holiday World and Kentucky Kingdom. I read that there were occasions storms that blew though the peninsula, but I was more worried about the number of bugs I heard were in the area during the early summer.

One thing I quickly discovered was that it was best to keep your mouth shut on coaster rides at Cedar Point…just sayin’.

Cedar Point Blackout Video

It was very strange to walk around a major amusement park and not hear the familiar sounds of roller coaster lift hills or guests screaming down that first drop.

What was there to do during a blackout at Cedar Point? Food? Water? Restrooms?

How did Cedar Point staff handle the needs of guest safety and concerns?

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