Presents Under the Magic Kingdom Tree

Presents Under the Magic Kingdom Tree

The holidays are a festive time and no place is quite as charming as Town Square at Main Street, U.S.A. at the Magic Kingdom. The centerpiece is the 65-foot tall tree that is the perfect backdrop for a Photo Pass memory or selfie or two.

Let’s take a look at some of the toys under the Main Street Christmas Tree at the Magic Kingdom.

Lilly Belle Under the Magic Kingdom Christmas Tree

On the train-facing side of the Magic Kingdom Christmas Tree is a replica of the Lilly Belle engine.

Why is it called the Lilly Belle?

 As an author, you would be hard-pressed to write about Walt Disney and trains and not mention the Carolwood-Pacific. When Walt moved his family to the Holmby Hills neighborhood in 1949, he realized that he had enough land to create a backyard railroad. With the help of studio workers and Roger Broggie (known as the first Imagineer), Walt constructed over 2,600 feet of track, a 1/8 scale engine and several cars. The engine was called the Lilly Belle, in honor of Walt’s wife, Lillian. This is a tradition that would recur even after Walt’s passing. After a derailment and minor injury to a young patron, Walt had Roger store the engine at the Studio. The Carolwood-Pacific stopped running in 1953. –


close-up of the lilly blue toy engine under the main street christmas tree at the magic kingdom

The light box even has a painted side, just like the trains of the Walt Disney World Railroad.

clos -up image of the light box of the lilly belle model

More Main Street Presents

child's toy fire truck under the christmas tree at the magic kingdom


You can also find a tribute to the vehicles of Main Street, U.S.A. with this toy version of a fire engine.

old-fashioned child's toy vehicle under the tree at the magic kingdom

The toy has a small ladder and a hand crank on the front, just like great-great grandpa’s automobile.

One the other side of the tree, you have another toy vehicle.

The vintage children’s toy is a pedal-version and will seat one child. Who wouldn’t want one of these vehicles under their tree this year?

close up of one of the children's toy vehicle undertake christmas tree a the magic kingdom

Have you taken the time to investigate the gifts under the tree at the Magic Kingdom? Which one is your favorite?


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