Brief History of Amusement Parks

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Brief History of Amusement Parks

Did you ever wonder about the history of amusement parks?

How did we get from small trolley parks and picnic groves to worldwide destinations like Disneyland, the Magic Kingdom, Epcot and Universal? Amusement parks and theme parks didn’t just burst forth from the imagination of any one person, but have evolved over the past few hundred years.

Yes, there were amusement parks before Disneyland’s opening in 1955.

Euclid Beach Roller Coaster

A lot of people assume that the first amusement parks were all at Coney Island. Or that Coney Island was the first amusement park.In reality, Coney island was a hub for many different parks and experiences. But that’s a story for another video.

Learn More About Amusement Park History!

What were some of the antecedents to the modern theme park?

Chartered religious fairs, industrial expositions, world’s fairs, picnic groves and trolley parks all led to the development of what we know as the modern amusement park.  But it didn’t happen overnight.

Were you familiar with Paul Boyton and his contributions to amusement park history? Or the development of the amusement park midway?

What do you think about the history of amusement parks?

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